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Shariff is the author of The Power of One: Authentic Leadership in Turbulent Times (New Society Publishers 1995); Creating a World That Works for All (Berrett-Kohler Publishers 1999), winner of the coveted “Book of the Year” Award (1999) from the Independent Book Publishers Association (Current Affairs), Seven Seeds for a New Society (Commonway Publishing 2009), the workbook Practicing Inclusivity (with Leslie Hamilton, Commonway Publishing 2015) and The Chronicles of the Upheavals (Commonway Publishing 2015).

Shariff has also authored a collection entitled “Finding Our Way in the Land of the Blind – Essays on Terrorism and Living in a Violence-Free World.” Shariff has compiled two books of inspirational sayings: “Sips from the River of Wisdom” and “Searching for Depth”.

In addition:
Shariff has co-authored (with Dr. Donna Beegle) a book entitled The Class Continuum that encapsulates the powerful exercise developed by the two, an exercise that deeply addresses class differences and transforms participants’ points of view regarding the devastating effect of class on our society.

In addition, Shariff has published many articles on the subjects of values, personal and cultural transformation and empowerment, including a chapter in the landmark four-volume work The Psychology of Terrorism (Chris Stout, ed).

Shariff’s work has been featured in a number of books and publications including:

The Rise of the Intelligent Organization
A House Divided
A Cultural Diversity Sourcebook
Bridging the Racial Divide
A Time for Choices – Deep Dialogues for Deep Democracy

How Do You Pray?





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