Bridging the gap between inner work and a world that works for All

Shariff has trained thousands of executives, managers and internal “culture shapers” in the skills and techniques of authentic, effective leadership within organizations, with special focus on the skills necessary to thrive and survive in the 21st Century. He offers both general public and client-customized workshops. His services include:





  • Transforming Workplace/Community Culture: To boost organizational and business success by transforming the internal cultural behaviors which impede organizational and business performance.  This includes training existing staff to enhance organizational communications by becoming “Corporate Cultural Anthropologists”.
  • Engaging “The Other”:  To increase employee performance and satisfaction by reducing conflict, rework and stress, increasing communication, and cooperation and leveraging diversity and synergy.
  • The Human Side of “Sustainability”:  To create a sustainable work life and workforce by looking beyond “environmentalism” and aligning our current human and business lifestyles with our values and wisdom traditions.
  • Inclusivity Assessment and Inclusivity Awareness Sessions: To provide customized programs to increase organizational and individual effectiveness based on the degree of inclusivity and connectivity within your organization.,
  • “Culture Shapers” Training Sessions: To leverage the impact of creating an inclusive organization by developing a small group of internal change agents within your workplace, to continually assess and improve workplace culture and communications.
  • “Turbulence Consulting”:  To provide strategic advice on how to survive and thrive in these turbulent times.

To engage Shariff as a consultant, speaker or trainer, please contact him here.