Table of Contents – Creating a World That Works for All

Creating a World That Works for All

Table of Contents

Introductory Essay by Vaclav Havel, President of the Czech Republic



Part One: Envisioning an Inclusive World

Chapter 1: The Vision

Chapter 2: The Nightmare—A World on the Brink

Chapter 3: Inclusivity—Spirit and Practice

Part Two: A New Analysis for a New Society

Introduction: Breaking Down, Breaking Through—or Both?

Chapter 4: Stop Blaming Others—You Are the Problem!

Chapter 5: The Story—How Things Got to Be This Way

Chapter 6: How the Breaker Story Maintains Itself

Part Three: The Revolution to Inclusivity

Chapter 7: The Internal Revolution—Feeding Your Internal Hunger

Chapter 8: The External Revolution—Practicing Inclusivity with Others

Conclusion: Making the Commitment

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