Register for the FREE Webinar: “Introduction to TEAM (The Emergent Awareness Method)”

DATE:  5 September 2018

TIME:  9:00am to 10:30am (Pacific)

FORMAT:  Online, via Zoom


SUBJECT:  Introduction to TEAM (The Emergent Awareness Method)


  1. Solutions Beyond Diversity
  2. Developing Authentic Communication
  3. The In’s and Out’s of Cultural Filtering
  4. Understanding Deep Identity and Deep Conflict
  5. Questions, Comments, Answers and Next Steps

Most of you know that Commonway does consulting work with organizations.  While you know it has something to do with ‘Inclusivity’, most of you don’t know what I actually DO!

Let’s change that!  On 5 September, I am offering a FREE 90 minute Webinar on TEAM (The Emergent Awareness Method).  How to improve communications, move beyond cultural filtering, and understand “Deep Identity” — in yourself and others.  

This webinar will also offer an exciting sneak preview of two powerful upcoming trainings in the TEAM process, in November  2018 and in the Spring of 2019.

While the Webinar itself is free, REGISTRATION IS A MUST.  Even if you cannot make the scheduled time for the webinar, those who register will be able to access the video archive of the event – those who do not register will not.  Those who register will be able to ask questions – before, during and even after the webinar – those who do not register will not.  

To register:  Fill in the box above!

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