Read “The Chronicles of the Upheavals”!!

The Chronicles of the Upheavals

Chronicles Front Cover 07

Approximately 450 pages Approximately 100,000 words

A work of fiction by  Shariff Abdullah

Book Launch & Crowdfunding Campaign!

This Summer Solstice marks the launch of a paradigm-shifting new book. My first work of FICTION!

NOW, you will be able to purchase “The Chronicles of the Upheavals”.

Click here to purchase the PRINT VERSION.

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About the Campaign:

[NOTE:  “Chronicles” was launched on 20 June, 2016, via a unique crowdfunding campaign.  The 30 day campaign was successful, raising a total of $10,495 from 145 backers.  These funds will be used for marketing and for research into Books 2 and 3.

(Note: If you’d like to see my reasons for writing a book of fiction, click here.)


The Book…

A Brief Synopsis:

Humanity is about to transform. And its going to be messy… It’s the year 2125, and the human world has had its mega-crises.  Just about everything that could go wrong, did.  Billions of humans perished in the human-caused cataclysms.

Despite the Upheavals, humanity made it.  From the excess of waste, the shock of dysfunction and the fog of denial, humanity moved into new ways of working with each other and working with the Earth. We made it… but HOW?

That’s the question “The Chronicles of the Upheavals” will answer!

“Chronicles” is not apocalyptic or dystopian. While there are plenty of gun-toting paramilitaries, brain-dead politicians, religious crazies, druggies, warlords, fundamentalists, survivalists, refugees, even a few cannibals… the story is not about them. It’s about how we humans transform ourselves, our systems and structures, DESPITE those who remain in the fog of denial.

(For a full synopsis, click here)

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Thanks in advance for your support!  Let me know what you think of the book!




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