“Learning the Essentials of Transformation”

The Complete Basic Curriculum…

For the first time, I am offering ALL of Commonway’s most important, basic teachings, in one 6-month-long curriculum. This course moves through a progression of topics, all linked to the ultimate goal of inclusive societal transformation. (These points of view are unique to Commonway – you can learn the ‘parts’ from others, but you can only get the whole perspective here!)

These are the specific, basic learnings that will prepare you to be an effective agent for an inclusive society, to provide for you the internal resiliency to survive and thrive in these turbulent times. This essential curriculum is for beginners, people who are new to the Commonway Philosophy, as well as experienced participants, who want a “refresher” course, or who want to be able to intelligently discuss societal transformation with others.

In the past, Commonway materials have been offered as requested by groups and organizations. This means that some people have experienced advanced topics (like “Cultural Axiology” or “Relational Economics”) without understanding some basic concepts (like… INCLUSIVITY!)

The 6-month-long cohort will be SMALL, a total of 50 participants, for maximum interactions and intense small-group work.)

Starting this Fall, over the course of 6 months, we will cover six key content areas:

1. Learning & Practicing INCLUSIVITY (September)

2. Learning & Practicing CONSCIOUSNESS/ Mindfulness/ Wisdom/ Spirituality) (October)

3. Learning & Practicing POWER & Empowerment (November)

4. Learning & Practicing VALUES & AUTHENTICITY (February)

5. Learning & Practicing VISION (March)

6. Learning & Practicing IDENTITY, Culture &Community (April)

For a more complete Outline, please click below:

The Essentials of Transformation Draft Outline

One content area per month will be covered, in six sessions per month (not including discussions and small group work).  Recordings will be available for those who cannot attend every session.

Participation will require a small but serious commitment of time and money.  Content time will be between 3-5 hours per week, plus another hour for discussions and small group work. (Compare this with the average of five hours per DAY the average American watches television!) Program content will include:

  • 3-5 hours per week of live content (via Zoom video format)
  • 1-2 hours per week of supplemental discussions and small group work
  • Supplemental materials, exercises, handouts and case studies
  • Access to video recordings of live content (for those who cannot attend live sessions)

This is the first time Commonway is offering this “essentials” curriculum – the foundation for Commonway work. 

The cost of this curriculum is $650.  The number of slots open for enrollment is 50.  Because we are trying to keep the costs to participants low, we anticipate that all spaces will be taken. Because we are anticipating full enrollment, we are establishing priorities for:

  • Teachers (especially at the high school and college levels).
  • People who have taken Commonway courses and webinars before.
  • People who are in socially active consciousness, compassion or spiritual groups (regardless of religion, ideology or affiliation).

REGISTRATION IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. You will have a number of opportunities to register between now and the beginning of September. HOWEVER, if you know that you want to take this course, you can REGISTER NOW, and assure your place… along with getting a very substantial DISCOUNT!

“Super-Early Bird Rate”: Register NOW, for a $150 discount from the already-low $650 annual fee! This $500. rate is good for JULY ONLY – NO EXCEPTIONS AND NO EXTENSIONS. On 1 August, the “Regular Early Bird” rate will be $550, still a bargain over the September full rate. (No risk: you can CANCEL your registration at any time prior to the start of sessions, for a 100% refund of your registration fee!)

Group rates: Discounts will be available for committed couples as well as for small groups. Please contact mail@commonway.org for more information.