How the Funds Will Be Used…

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Reason #1:  Getting the Professional Help/ Completing the Series

The publishing world has changed… literally overnight.  My first book was published using big steel plates etched with chemicals.  My most recent one was available worldwide in a matter of hours, digitally.Chronicles Front Cover 07

There are some things that don’t change, however.  There are a lot of “eyes” that need to make a writing a book: content editors, graphic designers, marketers, etc.  So, the first funds received in this campaign will be used to hire the people necessary to turn the “Chronicles” series from a “concept” into a quality series, and to get that series before the largest possible audience.  (Since the first book is 99.9% done, the publishing focus will be on Books 2 and 3 in the series.)

The most important use of the funds generated by this “crowdfunding” campaign is the writing of Books Two and Three.  With adequate funding, I will be able to devote substantial time to completing the series.  Without it, I will have to write the sequels in my “free” time – which isn’t very much.

The location of Book One is exclusively North America.  As the “Upheavals” will be happening worldwide, Books 2 and 3 will be set in Europe, Africa and Asia.  With adequate funding, I will be able to travel to those locations, to add authenticity to the story.

Reason #2:  Building the Community

For some, this book and this series will be an interesting pastime, an entertainment.  That’s okay.  Many others will see this for what it is – a blueprint for a way out of our present malaise.  For them, getting in contact with each other, sharing ideas and possibilities will be paramount.   Creating, maintaining and supporting an online “Chronicles Community” to facilitate support, discussion and action.

Reason #3:  Interactivity

“Chronicles” is much more than a book.  It has the possibility of becoming the first real steps in building a transformed society.  Ideas for interactivity include a version for teens and tweens, giving them options for how to live in the world they will inherit.

Funds generated by this crowdfunding campaign will be applied as follows:

  • Up to $10,000: funds used for editing, graphic design/layout and marketing.
  • Over the $10,000 goal, up to $30,000: funds used to research, draft, write and edit Books Two and Three, including site research.
  • $30,000 to $50,000: funds will be used to create and support “Chronicles Communities” (physical and virtual) — people who want to stay in touch with each other for support, discussion and action.
  • Above $50,000: Let’s start creating “Awakening Centers”!

(Of course, as with all things, these levels, time estimates and revenue projections are subject to the challenges of making this series a reality…)

AT ALL LEVELS:  All subscribers will receive an invitation to the limited-capacity “tele-launch” event on 21 September. This nationwide tele-event will include a discussion of how the book came about, a “live” reading of key chapters, and interactive discussion afterward.


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