COMING SOON! “Under the Wisdom Tree”

Recently, a Commonway donor had an interesting suggestion for me: he suggested that I “sit under a tree at the local college, and wait for people to come to me”, like the philosophers in the times before the Breaker Society. (I jokingly replied that first I’d get trampled by the students all intent on getting a degree so they can go hunting for nonexistent jobs, then the campus police will haul me off for loitering!)

Then, I started thinking about it…

One of the things that I liked best about teaching at the university level were the informal interactions with students. And, one of the things I hated about teaching was how limited and structured the times were for actual THINKING. 

Also: WE NEED MORE WISDOM. If you are reading my entries, you don’t need to be convinced of this. We live in a society where most of our relationships are financial or digital. The only way to change this is to change it – to slow down, to relate, to support, to have real, honest, authentic communication. To understand how important wisdom is to our lives.

SO… I’m creating the 21st Century, digital version of a 6th or 7th Century “Wisdom Tree”!

Starting soon, I will initiate a WEEKDAY MORNING program of insights, ideas, concepts and discussions, all centered around WISDOM – developing and deepening our relationships”:

  • With Ourselves
  • With Each Other
  • With “The Other”
  • With the “More than Human” world
  • With the Transcendent

While I anticipate that it will be about 30 minutes per day, it will go… as long as it needs to. You can access the program”Wisdom Tree” at any time during that day.  

Two ways to Participate:

FREE: Each “Wisdom Tree” daily offering will be available for viewing or downloading at any time during the day. Watch at a time when you can relax and absorb.

REGISTERED: For $12/month, you can have access to ALL of the Wisdom Tree offerings! Watch as many offerings as you wish, as many times as you wish, in any order that you wish. Also: registered participants can have access to the LIVE OFFERINGS (when available).

INTERESTED? With sufficient interest (a few dozen people), I will start this on a trial basis in November. Let me know in the comments below!

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