An “Anti-Synopsis”: What this Series is NOT About…

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An “Anti-Synopsis”…

Chronicles Front Cover 07From the beginning of writing “Chronicles”, I posed a “reality” framework for the series.  The experiences of the characters are not far off from what humans are experiencing.  This reality framework has seven aspects

  1.  No rescues or interventions by space aliens.  (If space aliens are out there, they’ve got to prove to me that they didn’t trash their planet and leave it — the way some people on this planet intend.)
  2. No miraculous technological “fixes” that alleviate the conditions of the Upheavals.  (No “free energy”, limitless fresh water, manna from Heaven…)
  3. No conditions or resources that don’t exist at present on Earth.  (Humanity doesn’t suddenly join hands and start loving each other…)
  4. No zombies, ghosts, disembodied apparitions or anything else that will distract from the tasks at hand.  (How many books speculate that an apocalypse will be brought about by brain-dead, flesh eating zombies?  Zombies are a staple of Hollywood end-of-time stories, despite the fact that virtually no one has ever SEEN one.)
  5. No “divine” interventions — no rescues by the Second Coming of Jesus, the manifestation of the Hidden Mahdi, the reincarnation of the Buddha…  (If they were coming, they should have been here, long before now.)
  6. [Very important:]  No “denials”.  (Global climate change WILL happen.  Oil and other energy sources ARE finite.  Social, political, economic and cultural structures ARE collapsing.  Deal with it…)
  7. [Equally important:] Given all of the above, a positive future for ALL BEINGS must be promoted.  (Spending trillions of dollars so a handful of humans can try to live on another planet, while this one goes down the tubes is NOT a “solution”.)
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