An “Anti-Synopsis”: What this Series is NOT About…

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An “Anti-Synopsis”…

From the outset, I posed a “reality” framework for the series:Chronicles Front Cover 07

  • No rescues or interventions by space aliens.
  • No miraculous technological “fixes” that alleviate the conditions of the Upheavals.
  • No conditions or resources that don’t exist at present on Earth.
  • No zombies, ghosts, disembodied apparitions or anything else that will distract from the tasks at hand.
  • No “divine” interventions (no rescues by the Second Coming of Jesus, the manifestation of the Hidden Mahdi, the reincarnation of the Buddha…)
  • [Most importantly:]  No “denials”.  Global climate change WILL happen.  Oil and other energy sources ARE finite.  Social, political, economic and cultural structures ARE collapsing.  Deal with it…
  • [Equally important:] Given all of the above, a positive future for ALL BEINGS must be promoted… not spending trillions of dollars so a handful of humans can try to live on another planet, while this one goes down the tubes.
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