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… helping you understand your deepest challenges, then focusing on your largest, most inclusive solutions…
Consultation services include:

  • inclusivity and diversity
  • authentic leadership
  • values clarification 
  • effective communication 
  • organizational culture 
  • conflict resolution
  • turbulence assessment
  • organizational systems and structure.

Shariff consults with individuals, government agencies, businesses and social service organizations working on the leading edge of change.

Using his experiences as a lawyer, an activist, a world-traveler and a student of many wisdom traditions, Shariff offers a combination of timeless wisdom and practical advice in:

  • inclusivity and diversity assessment and enhancement
  • authentic and effective leadership
  • values clarification and application
  • effective communication (eliminating internal filters and barriers, while honoring differing points of view)
  • shaping organizational culture and politics
  • conflict identification and conflict resolution
  • decision-making, risk-management and turbulence assessment
  • organizational systems and structure.

Representative clients include:

  • City, State and Federal agencies: US Forest Service; State of Oregon (OLCC); Bureau of Transportation, Portland, OR
  • Educational institutions: Portland Public Schools; Portland Community College; numerous colleges and universities
  • Businesses and Organizations:  Freightliner; Neighborhood Partnership Fund
  • International Organizations:  United Nations; Sarvodaya (Sri Lanka); SEOP (Brazil); Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development (Switzerland)

Please take one minute to view this video of Shariff Abdullah, speaking on “A World for All”.

Shariff Abdullah:  A World for All

To engage Shariff as a consultant or trainer, please contact him here.


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