Activist and Innovator…

Society works for all or it works for none.
Shariff is a leading advocate for inclusivity and the transformation of society, to align with our universal human and spiritual values. Several of his social change projects have won local, national and international awards for innovation and for public-private partnerships and reconciliation.
   As a project designer, leader and change agent, he has been the catalyst for innovative social change including:

  • Founder of the “Common Society Movement” societal transformation process.
  • Creator of the “Commons Café” dialogic process (based on “The World Café” process), used throughout the United States to bring together actual or potential adversaries in meaningful dialog on fundamental issues. (See Commons Cafe Photo Gallery)
  • Creator of the “Culture Shapers” process of fostering in-depth inclusivity within organizations.
  • Creator of the “Inclusivity Quotient” (In-Q) test, to ascertain the degree of inclusivity within individuals and organizations.
  • Founder of the emerging field of “Dēmos-Dynamics” – understanding how human populations interact and change. (Demos-Dynamics for more information.)
  Shariff’s projects have included:

  • “The ‘New Neighbors’ – Facilitated Dialogues on Special Needs Housing”. Facilitated potentially adverse key stakeholders in focus groups on special needs housing for Portland City Council Task Force on Strategies for Fair Housing. Resulted in consensus-based comprehensive city-wide strategy for fair housing.
  • “The Three Valleys Project”. This multi-year project brought potentially adversarial Anglo and Latino groups into facilitated inclusive dialogs in the three agricultural valleys surrounding Portland, OR. 3VP resulted in deeper levels of understanding and cooperation between the region’s Anglo and Latino populations.
   Shariff’s projects have won numerous national awards for excellence, including:

  • “Promising Practices Recognition” for the Three Valleys Project (Anglo-Latino Relations – Oregon) by President Clinton and the “One America Initiative”.
  •  “Public-Private Partnership Award”.  For “Project Catalyst” (Urban Design and Empowerment – Charlotte,NC) from HUD in the Reagan Administration.
  • “Community Empowerment Award”.  For “Cherry Community Organization” (Urban Design & Self-Help Improvement – Charlotte, NC) from President Jimmy Carter.