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The Quest for Sacred Civilizations

 [This is the text from the crowdfunding campaign.  It is used here to provide context and background…] 

Our transformation from a dysfunctional, unsustainable and spiritually empty society means a return to sacred civilization.  This is beyond “religion”. It is a return to the ways and values of honoring Earth, Life and Spirit.  My intention is to learn how to do this, and bring that learning back for all of us to share.
Most Westerners go on “vision quest” to discover themselves, or to work out some personal challenge.  Mine is different.  I am questing to discover the sacred roots of human civilization, and to find the path of return to a society that places Earth, Spirit and Life over the values of greed and selfishness.This Summer, I am walking the path of sacred civilization, to the ancient Kingdom of Ladakh, in what is now Northern India, Northern Pakistan and Southern China.This journey is to answer a Call. My eyes and Heart will be open for the Source.I have been active in the field of “Societal Transformation” for over five decades, working to create an inclusive world that works for all beings.  My work has taken me to 38 countries, and to over 100 distinct cultures, on every continent with people on it.

But – I’ve always explored current, living cultures.  Now, I intend to use the past to help guide all of us to a viable future.  Your support will help all of us transform our world by rediscovering our roots.  I strongly believe that the way OUT of our current Mess will come from looking INTO the roots of sacred civilizations.

By “roots”, I don’t mean the Euro-centric and Spirit-depleted histories that we were taught in school.  My search will be well outside those “boxes” that confine our Spiritual and imaginal mental landscapes.

Although I use the word “sacred” I am NOT talking about “religion”.  Our ancient roots connected us to each other, to the Earth, to Life and to the Spirit.  Religions tend to do the opposite. (I am not against religion.  It is fine in its place – which is not running a society.)

Around the world, we find evidence that humans have lived (and many are still living), in sacred civilization.  We refer to “native” or “indigenous” people as those who practice ways of life that evidence a deep respect for Earth, all beings (and Life Itself) and Spirit.  The “indigenous” people hold to Transcendental ways of knowing, predicated on concepts and a world-view that has been transported over thousands of miles and thousands of years.

Or… from no time and no distance.

We see that “indigenous” people living in “sacred civilization” have a deep, mystical bond with All.  But, we rarely ask the question: “Where did they get it from?”  And, “Why are these sacred societies so similar in their cosmologies/ understandings about the Universe?  Where did they learn how to live in harmony with the Earth and each other?”

There is evidence that the deep reverence for Earth, Spirit and Life originated in Central Asian shamans/ Spirit workers.  There is evidence that they spread this knowledge into North and South America and Europe.  There is evidence that the roots of Western civilization come from these same shamans of Central Asia.  However, rather than rely on this evidence, I intend to go to the source.

A Spiritual Journey – Not an Academic One…
This is not an academic journey.  I am not traveling to support or refute some premise.  This is not (just) a “writing” assignment.  [I use the “writing” category simply because Indiegogo has no category for “social transformation” or “sacred journey”, or anything else like this campaign].

What I Need:

I will use the funds you give for the journey/ societal vision quest to the ancient civilization of Ladakh.  Specifically, funds will be used for  plane tickets, travel equipment, places to stay, hiring local guides, journey expenses to sacred sites, visas, travel insurance, cross-border expenses, recording equipment…

Any funds over my request will be used to fund a conference upon my return (slated for Fall, 2013).  “Societal Transformation and Sacred Civilization” will chronicle the journey, and will explore how we can incorporate the values and tools of sacred civilizations into our presently dysfunctional society. [I will use some additional funds to enhance the journey by obtaining more optimal travel arrangements, and by adding more locations, including possibly Nepal and Tibet.]

The Impact:
Funders get the satisfaction of knowing that they are active participants in the next big step in the transformation of our society.  With your contribution, you will become an active, positive and inclusive agent for the transformation of our society!  A little goes a long way: a little more even longer.

If Short of Goal:

Less than full funding will mean a scaled back journey.  Significantly below the funding request may mean scaling back on the ambitions for the journey itself.  [This may mean less than optimal travel arrangements (time and routes). Not having guides, translators, or appropriate ground transportation will limit what I will be able to discover, and paradoxically, make the journey more expensive.]

In a way, this journey is like a referendum on the state of our current civilization.  You “vote” of $100, or even $10, will send a message to all of us – that you recognize our present society is dysfunctional, and that you support the idea of bringing inclusivity and sacredness back to our human societies.  Thanks!

Other Ways You Can Help:

First: Please know that even $5 or $10 is significant in the world of crowd-funding.  Don’t feel self-conscious because you don’t have hundreds to donate. (And, don’t feel self-conscious if you do!  Give with gusto!)  Any and all of your dollars will contribute to the “buzz” around this project.

Second:  Please spread the word!   It’s through people like you telling their friends and associates that word of this journey will spread to others.  Please put this link into your church’s weekly bulletin (or mosque, temple, kovil…).  Talk about the “vision quest” with friends, family and co-workers.  Show your support.

 Third:  Do you know of any shamans or spiritually-minded people in Ladakh?  Trustworthy drivers or good places to stay in Leh?  I already have contacts there, but your personal knowledge and experience can help make this quest a success! [Please… no advertisements for services.  They will be ignored.]

Fourth:  Please hold the meta-vision of “a world that works for all”.  For the sake of our planet and for the sake of our humanity, we need a meta-vision that is larger than our individual selves and longer than our life span.  We need a human society based on sacredness.




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