A World Beyond…


“Releasing the Shadows; Embracing the Light” is an opportunity to learn a powerful healing modality, one that will transform the nature of our society, from Shadow (poverty, violence, racism/sexism, despair…) to the Light (abundance, peace & security, community, fulfillment).


…as we learn how to use the power of positive, focused consciousness to release the:

Shadow of The Other (manifesting as racism, sexism, homophobia…)
Shadow of Lack & Poverty (manifesting as poverty, greed, hoarding…)
Shadow of Violence (manifesting as wars, school shootings, violence as entertainment…)
Shadow of Despair (manifesting as depression, drug & alcohol abuse, suicide…)

You cannot begin to remove these shadows from our society until you remove them from your own heart, FIRST.

Together, we will energize and embrace our:

Light of Deep Connection
Light of Abundance & Enoughness
Light of Peace & Security
Light of Deep Fulfillment

Through “Shadow to Light”, we will address, uproot and shift the energy that supports & perpetuates racism, sexism, poverty, violence, suicide and other forms of the Shadow, as well as identify & clear the blockages that have held us back, personally and as a human family.

For more information and to register, please click here:  Shadow to Light.

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