A Video Tour of ‘The Temple of Tara’


By now, you have received the article on “The Cathedral and the Cave”, where I talk about my time in “The Temple of Tara”.  I also promised video of the cave system itself.

First, here is a view of the cave system, from the outside, looking up and in…

Cliff face...

Cliff face…

Next, a closer view of the temple, with the “rooms” labelled:

Temple diagram 01

Finally, the 12 minute video of my 3-day “home”…

I hope you can see the cave system through my eyes… not as a graffitti covered, abandoned ruin, but as it was in its days of being a seat for spiritual exploration and devotion.  It was a high privilege being there.

And, once again, thanks to Stanzin for both facilitating and “forcing” the issue!

Other video coming in next few days…




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6 Responses to A Video Tour of ‘The Temple of Tara’

  1. Regina says:

    Thank you for posting this! Technology is a trip. matchs up with a book I have been reading…2 actually….remind me to tell you about them! Peace and Blessings on the rest of your journey!

  2. Karen Anderson says:

    We have been blessed to have you share this incredible journey!

  3. leslie says:

    Thanks for the tour… very interesting, particularly the cleverness of the design and detail and colour of the alter area! I was glad to know while I was watching your tour, that you made it back safely to tell the tale. Otherwise, I would have been very anxious all through the viewing, wondering if you were going to successfully negotiate the pathway!

  4. Dave Knowles says:


  5. Shirlene says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about the temple complex, – dates? use? who were the people? when did they leave? why did they leave?

    Stay safe!

    • Sharif says:

      No answers on any of that. I was wondering if it was old enough to be a temple from the “Bon” religion, then got repurposed to Buddhism 2,000 years ago.

      Why did people leave? The river may have changed course. Further up the Douk River, there are former temple-caves where the river wiped out the access. People (even Ladakhis!) can’t climb up to them.

      My one clue is the design around the altar shrine enclosure…perhaps someone who knows art can identify the period from which it comes.

      History poses an interesting challenge.


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