A New Work of FICTION!


The Reasons for this Book:

Here’s a test:  Name one book of speculative (science) fiction that provides a positive future for humanity – one that relies on human vision and initiative, not space aliens, impossible technologies or miracles.  Name just one.

And, if you can’t, you have identified both the need and the market for “The Metamorphosis of Humanity”.

This is not really “speculative fiction” in the classic sense, but more of a “future model” of a society that it is possible for us to create, like “Ecotopia”.  It is a positive, non-dystopian vision of the future.

A Very Short Book Synopsis:  It’s the year 2125, and the human world has had its mega-crises. The history of the 21st Century was dominated by “The Upheavals”: every crisis that threatened humanity happened. Just about everything that could go wrong, did.  
“The Upheavals” took a heavy toll… billions of humans perished in the human-caused cataclysms. 
Despite the Upheavals, humanity made it. From the shock of dysfunction and the fog of denial, humanity moved into new ways of working with each other and working with the Earth. (Actually, a lot of old ways…)  
Humanity makes it, because of the visionary work of the Awakening Movement, catalyzed by the mysterious “Culture Council”. What for some was “The End” was really “The Transformation”.  
After an Introduction from 2125 by the Culture Council, the “Upheavals” starts at 2025, with the rescue of a street kid and his learning of the ways and values of one Awakening Center. Through his interactions with his fellow novices and his superiors, he learns to accept the mission of the Awakening Centers in providing a realistic pathway through the Upheavals. Through this young novice (with an old attitude and a new name), we learn how the brave new world of the 21st Century takes shape.

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