A FREE Commonway Webinar: “The Dream of the Butterfly”

Title:   “The Dream of the Butterfly” [former title: The Dalai Lama’s Spiritual Revolution: Love, Inclusivity & Compassion as Tools for Societal Transformation]  

Date:  12 February 2019

Time:  7:00 to 8:30pm (Pacific)

Format:  Zoom

Price:       FREE (offerings gladly accepted!)

  • It’s time to move beyond piecemeal solutions, to move beyond reforms that do not address the core problems of our society. 
  • It’s time to blend our love of Life, our desire for self-preservation and our Vision of “A World for All”. 
  • It’s time to turn away from those who believe they benefit from separation and isolation. 
  • It’s time to activate our spirituality in ways that blend with our compassion and our social activism. 

The Dream of the Butterfly – Webinar Outline:

The World’s Need: [the Path of Destiny]
       Activism in the Age of TRUMP

The Seven Liberations of Humanity — The Liberation of our:

— The EARTH (Honoring Our Mother)

A New Level of Humanity in the 21st Century!

The Butterfly Project: The First 3 Steps toward Global Transformation

Questions/Comments/Next Steps

It is this “Spiritual Revolution” that I will be exploring in this 90 minute webinar.  What it is and how it relates to “A World for All”.  Love and Compassion is more than just “being nice”.  Correctly applied, it can become a powerful instrument for global transformation: in Tibet as well as right here, right now. 

Registration:  While the cost of this webinar is free, registration is a must.  To register, please use the Webinar Registration Form. Upon registration, you will be given the webinar link.

Recording: I plan to record the Webinar. Eventually, I will put it on the Commonway YouTube channel. However, if you register below, you will receive the video as soon as it is available!

Watch 7-minute video introduction to “The Dream of the Butterfly”
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